Bayou Corne Sinkhole: A Continuous Cause of Danger

On August 3, 2012, a sinkhole was discovered in northern Assumption Parish in Louisiana, which resulted to the evacuation of about 350 residents living nearby. The sinkhole, named the Bayou Corne, resulted from an underground salt dome cavern that suddenly collapsed.

The site of the collapse, known as Napoleonville Dome, is owned by Occidental Chemical Corporation and is under lease to Texas Brine Co., a petrochemical company that specializes in injection mining. On August 2013 the sinkhole was found to have expanded to 25 acres (10 ha), from just 15 acres (6.1 ha) in May of the same year.

Residents have already been forced to evacuate their homes, without any clue as to when things will be resolved. Despite the $875 a week that Texas Brine Co. has been paying them, affected residents have decided to file a class action lawsuit against the involved companies for all the harm and danger which the situation continues to cause them.

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Construction Accidents

One would say with little thought that construction accidents are to be expected considering the nature of the work, and it is true that there is a certain element of unavoidable risk. However, there are cases when injury or death could have been avoided if the proper safety rules, regulations and equipment had been observed.

Recent construction accidents that occurred in different parts of the US range from equipment malfunction to falling objects. In the case of the New York City mishap, the crane stopped working in the middle of lifting a 13,500 pound slab of concrete 30 storeys directly above the street. In Oregon, a crane is again involved but this time, its load of trusses shifted, and fell inside the building, crushing one worker and injuring three others, one of whom was in critical condition. In San Francisco, accidents are plaguing the work crew at the Levi Stadium construction site, so far leaving two dead.

Most construction accidents may be considered a safety issue, and a significant number may be construed as resulting from negligence. In the New York case, investigations may reveal a lack of proper maintenance that led to malfunction. If you have been injured in New York due to a machine malfunction at a construction site, a New York construction site attorney may be able to help you recover compensation in your case. Improper securing of the trusses could be the reason for the Oregon incident, while the deaths in San Francisco may be due to improper safety training of the workers.

In other words, as pointed out in an article on the Hach & Rose, LLP website, many of these incidents constitute an unsafe workplace environment. It is mandated by law that employers have a duty of care to provide their workers with a reasonably safe environment to work in. And because the construction industry is risky, employers need to be more conscientious than, say, an office manager. Failure to fulfill this duty may render the employer liable for personal injury claims. If you live in the East Texas area and are a victim to an unsafe work environment, contact a Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer today to learn more about your legal options.

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