The Dangers of Defective Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

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Today’s technology has made it possible for the field of medicine to gain access to a variety of advanced tools, devices, and medications in order to address the public’s most pressing health concerns. With the advancements made by pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers, some of the most serious medical conditions are now able to be properly treated or even cured. As such, these pharmaceutical companies have played large roles in leading innovations in health care and medicine.

Still, despite the huge role that the pharmaceutical industry continues to play in improving medical treatments, the companies leading these innovations aren’t always foolproof. Many of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers have come under fire due to evidence of defective medications and devices that have put the safety of the public at risk. While government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration are meant to catch these defects before being used on patients, there are moments when these errors aren’t caught until it’s too late. Of course, pharmaceutical companies are expected to step up and take action when this happens. They are supposed to issue a recall for their defective products and work on improving the errors found in them. Unfortunately, in many occasions, these calls for action aren’t typically heard. In some cases, they might even be purposefully ignored, with pharmaceuticals prioritizing profit over the safety of the public.

A common example of defective medical devices that are known to have affected a great majority of people is joint implants. Many brands have been scrutinized in court and top manufacturers have been asked to make payments to compensate victims of these dangerous products. Common complications associated with defective implants include metal toxicity and bone and tissue damage. Those that have experienced these complications firsthand are encouraged to contact a shoulder replacement attorney for appropriate legal counsel.

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