An Overview Of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

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Shoulder replacement is a procedure that involves the creation of new joints. It is a type of surgery wherein a surgeon replaces a damaged upper arm and the shoulder bone with artificial surfaces made from plastic or metal and plastic. The attachment is held in place with cement. An implant is used to allow new bones to develop into the joint component. In shoulder replacement, a long metal piece is inserted into the upper arm bone.

Shoulder replacement is all about providing relief, increasing function, and minimizing pain. For people suffering from chronic shoulder pain, there are many companies that manufacture shoulder replacement implants. Unfortunately, there are also companies that have manufactured faulty replacement devices. Doctors and patients have revealed that some replacement devices reportedly fall off after being implanted. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, the injuries associated with these defective implants include bone loss, instability, weakness, and unexplained pain.

Shoulder replacement is usually recommended when shoulder pain and loss of function has become severe that medicines and other treatments are no longer able to relieve pain. Using x-rays, doctors will check whether the bones and cartilage in your shoulder is damaged and will make sure that the pain is not coming from somewhere else. After the surgery, it is expected that the patient will feel much less pain and are expected to easily return to their normal daily activities.

Like any other major operation, shoulder replacement surgery also carries some risks. The patient may experience blood clots in a leg vein after the procedure especially if they are inactive. Blood clots can block flood flow from the leg back to the heart and move them to the lungs. Shoulder replacement may also cause bone fracture in the upper arm. This may happen either during or after the procedure.

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