How a Police Report can Help Your Car Accident Claim

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Police reports are vital evidence when filing for a personal injury or car accident claim. They can be the key that can win a claim and provide the compensation that they need to cover for the damages caused by the accident, such as the medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and many others. Williams Kherkher states on its website that it is one of the first things to acquire after a car accident and when filing for a personal injury claim. However, what is a police report, and how can you get one?

Police reports are generated through investigation of the accident or incident after responding to scene after being requested. It is a summary of all the information related to the car accident, containing both the relevant facts pertaining to the accident as well as the responding officer’s opinion regarding the accident. You can acquire a police report in two ways. First is by requesting a copy from the local law enforcement office that drafted the said police report. It is protocol for the investigating officer to provide you with the receipt containing the ID number of the police report, and you have to pay an administrative fee to obtain a copy of the said report. The other option is through your insurance company: check to see if they have requested a copy of the report and ask them for a copy. They may not always have a copy of the report, but if they do, you don’t have to pay for some fee to get your own copy.

Police reports are the first things that insurance companies look into when investigating a claim because police reports contain important information related to the car accident. Although it may not be enough evidence of the accident, police reports are still significant when settling a personal injury claims. Depending on the state you had the accident or filed your personal injury claim, police reports can be viewed as either strong evidence or “hearsay” evidence. Regardless, the importance of police reports is still strong in a personal injury claim.

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